Never Again
after the Spanish of Gustavo Becquér


Each year the dark swallows which nest
on your balcony's overhang and, at times,
rap at your windows with playful wings
         -- these will return.

But men who stopped to admire the birds,
your beauty, and envy my great luck;
who were eager to enquire of our names
         -- they won't come back.

The clinging woodbine in your garden
will return to clamber the walls
and, every evening, perfume the air 
          sweetly as always.

But those nights of love and laughter
that trembled and dropped like dew,
that dried up like a moment's tears --
          they'll not return.

Words of adoration will echo again
in your ears, arouse your cold heart
perhaps. But do not be deceived:
            a love like mine,

worshipful, complete, absorbed --
as some men's who prostrate themselves
before their gods -- love such as I gave
            will not be yours again.




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